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termite pest control perth from $165.00 inc gst

If you're in need of termite control in Perth then you've come to right place. Termites can cause considerable damage to property because of their love for eating wood. Unfortunately, because they travel and live beneath the ground, it makes them very difficult to detect, which is why you need professional assistance with termite pest control. Dirty Deeds has experience in detecting and preventing termites giving you peace of mind that your property is structurally sound.


Termite inspection

Our experienced team has all the necessary termite tools to determine whether you have an infestation.  We know only too well that termites, often referred to a 'white ants' are extremely destructive and can cause major destruction as they build colonies and eat into wooden columns and structures. Once termites have got inside your property they'll continue their path of destruction by eating into carpets, cloth, and other materials.


In the event that there is live infestation then the 'go to' termite treatment in Perth is Termidor dusting. This eco-friendly product is suitable for residential and commercial dwellings and works quickly (without the termites detecting it) by transferring to the termites as they move around the colony.


Termite prevention and elimination

We'll carry out an initial timber pest inspection and in the event we find there is no current termite protection, then it's essential to put in place a termite prevention program. The good news is that there are different options to protect your structure or building against termites.


Often we'll recommend a termite barrier which involves applying a liquid chemical to the soil, either around the perimeter edge of the building or beneath concrete flooring. This option can be used whatever the age of the building and protects the property against any future infestation. This liquid can stop termites eating your timber within a matter of hours and is only lethal to termites.


Another recommendation is termite monitoring (although this can take longer to work).

Discreet termite baiting stations are placed around your property's perimeter edge to detect termite activity. We'll closely monitor these stations and if termite activity is noted then bait is added to the system. Having consumed the bait, termite workers take it back with them to the nest to share. Being highly toxic, it has the result of eliminating the colony. If termite activity continues then more bait is added, to provide ultimate protection.


We recommend annual termite inspections since early detection of termite activity on your property can prevent large scale damage and costly repair bills. Call Dirty Deeds Pest Management on 0400 211 161 or contact us online for more details about termite control Perth or to book a termite inspection.


Please contact us for a free quote on termite barrier treatments. 

Termite spot treatment only $165.00 inc gst