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spider control perth just $149.00 inc gst

When it comes to spider control Perth, we're often called upon to assist with species such as Red Backs and White Tails which can be dangerous to children and pets. Although spiders play an important role in the environment by eating flies and other insects which are a nuisance in buildings and gardens, no-one really wants to share their home with these 8 legged creatures. In fact for some people, the sight of a spider is enough to bring on a panic attack.


Spider infestation

If you have spider concerns then contact Dirty Deeds Pest Management to put your mind at rest. Once we receive your call we'll send a qualified spider exterminator to your premises who'll conduct a thorough inspection of your home or business premises, to determine if you have an infestation. We know all the places they hide, where they get their food, what they feed on, and most importantly, how to get rid of them.


We recommend keeping spiders alive wherever possible, and because they're relatively easy to get rid of we may suggest some natural remedies such as lavender oil or salt, which will send them packing. We'll also give you some tips to prevent them from returning. In more serious cases, then pesticides may be required, especially if the spiders invading your home are venomous or the infestation is too advanced to deal with in any other way.


Spider treatment

If this is the case, then we'll apply an elimination and prevention spray to most of the outside areas including sheds, decking, pergolas, fences, walls, gutters, eaves, drains, bins, and drainpipes. Dusting roofs is also an option. Internal spider treatment to all those nooks and crannies, ducts, and walls is also a good idea, but doesn't have to be done, if you'd rather avoid it. Most spiders aren't dangerous but if you're being over-run by them, then it's a matter that needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible.


If you've noticed a lot of spiders on your property and are concerned that you're being invaded, then one of the most important things is to ascertain whether they're a threat to anyone's health. If the spiders aren't venomous, an infestation still needs treating before the females get settled and start to lay hundreds of eggs.


About our spider control Perth service

If you've any spider concerns then just give Dirty Deeds Pest Management a ring on 0400 211 161 or contact us online. Our friendly team of spider experts are highly qualified and experienced and can solve your problem wherever you are in Perth. No spider challenge is too big or too small. We promise top quality spider treatment which is safe and effective. Why not give us a call and put us to the test?


Our Spider treatment is only $149.00 including gst and come's with a 3 Month warranty.