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Rodent control perth just $149.00 inc gst

Rodents are attracted to properties in Perth because they provide all the creature comforts they need such as shelter, food, and warmth; which is why they're typically more prevalent in  buildings in the cooler months. If you're facing issues with rodents in your home or business premises, then why not talk to us about mice and rat control.


Mice are a major problem to the agricultural industry because they love nothing better than feasting on newly sown or germinated seeds. They can also cause considerable damage to buildings, electrical wiring, and food stuffs, which is why many businesses and homeowners take advantage of our mouse/mice removal/exterminator service. Similar to mice, rats also contaminate food, spread disease, and chew through electrical wiring which can lead to a potential fire risk.


Signs you have a rodent problem

In Perth we typically deal with the brown rat, roof rat, and house mouse, which are some of the most common rodent species in Australia. You may have heard them at night scurrying around in your roof or gnawing and scratching. On occasions you can even smell rodents. Other tell-tale signs that you have a rodent problem are droppings, stains on your roof plaster, and brown streaks on your walls caused by rodents rubbing their fur against the vertical surface. In the event that you spot signs of gnawing and biting on plastic items or wood, then it's likely to have been caused by a rat.


Mice and rat control is a necessary requirement because rodents can:


  • transmit diseases to humans via their urine and/or droppings
  • cause sickness and death via parasites such as intestinal worms and fleas
  • contaminate and spoil food with their fur, droppings, and urine
  • do a lot of damage to skirting boards, doors, upholstery, and books


Here at Dirty Deeds Pest Management we can work together on effective rodent control Perth.


This involves:


  • Inspection – carrying out a survey and reporting our findings. We'll start with the roof and other areas to identify entry points and areas where rodents are living
  • Identification of species in order to know what bait to place in traps
  • Bait – We'll strategically place tamper proof bait traps and stations, which are hidden out of sight
  • Efficient removal
  • Safe treatment and rodent control to prevent them from returning


Mouse and rat prevention

We'll also give you helpful tips and advice to help ensure that the rodents don't return to your home or business premises. We recommend you remove any sources of food and water which are available to rodents and keep your rubbish indoors overnight. Place food in locked containers and remember to pick up pet dishes once your pets have finished eating. Fallen fruit in your garden is another food source for rodents, so be sure to pick that up too. Having checked your property and identified entry points, we'd also advise you to fit mesh over them so that rats and mice can't gain access.


Call Dirty Deeds Pest Management today on 0400 211 161 or contact us online for mice and rat control you can rely on.


Our standard Rodent treatment is only $149.00 and comes with a 3 Month warranty.


Our Rodent treatment with no secondary kill is only $220.00 and comes with a 3 Month warranty.