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flea & end of lease pest control from $99.00 inc gst

Fleas thrive in warm, humid conditions so it's hardly surprising that our flea pest control Perth service is in high demand in the summer months. Fleas in your home can cause disruption and embarrassment, after all nobody wants their guests to be attacked while they're sleeping. If you're a pet owner then you're probably already aware of the need to protect them against fleas. Pets are susceptible to fleas found in long grass or they can pick them up from other pets and simply give them a ride home. Once you find them, then understandably you're going to want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. If you need to speak to an expert about flea pest control in Perth, then give Dirty Deeds Pest Management a call.


Common signs that you need flea control

One of the most common ways of knowing you have a flea problem is when you experience irritating bites. Fleas only jump a short distance off the ground which is why you'll normally find bites around your lower legs and ankles. However, if they have infested your bed or sofa then they will bite any part of your body, and you'll need to turn your attentions quickly to flea control.


If your pets are scratching and itching, then it's quite likely that they have fleas. Use a flea comb to groom them and also check out their bedding to see if you can spot any fleas. If you catch the problem in its early stages you may only need to treat their bedding instead of the whole house.


Why are fleas a problem?

Flea bites are extremely itchy and can be troublesome for several days. Scratching can make matters worse and cause secondary infections. In addition fleas can transmit certain diseases such as endemic typhus, plague, and intestinal worm parasites.


Flea eradication

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in dealing with flea eradication. They'll quickly determine the specific needs of your property, identify the species of flea that has infected your premises, plus the extent of the infestation, in order to deal with flea control in the most efficient way.


Generally speaking most flea treatments involve


  • Spraying all external soil, grass areas, and garden beds
  • Fan-spraying all carpeted areas, internal flooring, and pet bedding
  • Chemical treatment


All of our environmentally friendly pest control and treatment methods are safe for humans and pets. They work by attacking young fleas before they reach maturity and are able to lay more eggs, thereby eliminating the infestation. All pesticides used are non-stain, odour free and low toxicity.


End of lease flea treatment

When a tenant vacates their rental property it's their responsibility to leave the property in the condition it was when they first took over. This may require a vacate bond flea treatment to ensure there are no fleas present, and to not only eliminate any obvious fleas, but also to prevent them from returning. We're very experienced at performing this type of flea pest control in Perth and can provide this service quickly and at short notice.


If you want to know more about flea control, end of lease flea treatment, or want to make a booking then give Dirty Deeds Pest Management a call  on 0400 211 161 or contact us on line. With many years of experience we guarantee you'll be pleased with our service.