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cockroach control perth just $149.00 inc gst

Cockroach control can be difficult to manage yourself using over the counter products; which is why our speedy and professional cockroach treatment is so popular with homeowners and businesses. Did you know that cockroaches are one of the most common pests in Australia?  They're also very social creatures and soon form groups which can lead to an infestation.


Types of cockroaches

There are many different types of cockroaches in western Australia but the 4 main types we  tend to come across are the:


  • American cockroach
  • Native Australian Black cockroach
  • German cockroach
  • Brown Banded cockroach


Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures which hide during the day so you can't see them, but they do leave tell-tale signs which may alert you to their presence. These include such things as faecal pellets, egg cases, and skin.


Cockroaches typically thrive in dirty, unclean environments but that doesn't prevent them from making themselves equally at home in clean hygienic premises thanks to the temptation of food scraps, rubbish, and dirty dishes. If you need to talk to an expert about cockroach treatment, then give Dirty Deeds Pest Management a call or contact us on line.


Dangers of cockroaches

Even if you have the cleanest of homes, cockroaches can be brought into the house without you knowing. They're adept at hiding in clothing, suitcases, and appliances, and you can be certain that if you spot just one on your premises, there are sure to be many others lurking not so far away.


The main problem with cockroaches is that they spread disease. When they move through garbage, sewers, and drains, they come into close contact with disease causing organisms such as salmonella, which can trigger conditions such as dysentery, gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, hepatitis, and tuberculosis. Cockroaches also carry worm parasite eggs and viruses and because of living close to humans, a threat to health becomes a strong possibility. For this reason diligent cockroach control in Perth is necessary.


Long lasting cockroach control

When we receive an enquiry for cockroach treatment, our technicians always carry out a thorough inspection of the premises, seeking signs of cockroach activity. Previous sightings of cockroaches as well as evidence such as skin shedding and faecal droppings gives them a better indication of the degree of cockroach infestation.


Our highly trained and experienced technicians use a number of surface sprays, dusts, and gels to treat the cockroaches. Although perfectly safe for humans and pets, these chemicals are long lasting and lethal to cockroaches. In certain cases, such as around electrical wiring, where spraying wouldn't be a suitable treatment, our technicians use a permethrin dust to eliminate the cockroaches.


Cockroaches present a health threat to you and your family, as well as for your business and your employees, so don't take any chances. If you suspect you may have a cockroach infestation or you need further information about cockroach treatment, then give us a call on 0400 211 161 or contact us online. When it comes to cockroach control Perth, Dirty Deeds Pest Management provides an effective and affordable long lasting solution.