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Long Lasting Ant Pest Control In Perth Just $198.00 Inc gst 

If you're struggling with regular DIY ant control to eradicate ants then we can help. Dirty deeds Pest Management offers discreet, efficient, and emergency pest control in Perth for homeowners, offices, and commercial businesses, which comes with a 3 month warranty.


Ant control Perth 

Ants thrive in sunny climes which explains why infestations are a common occurrence in Perth, which has around 30-40 native ant species. Ants such as the white-footed house ant are a real nuisance as they venture into properties seeking out food and infesting larders. They're also capable of disabling air conditioning units by swarming inside and causing them to short, creating a fire hazard.


Other troublesome species include fire ants which can form massive colonies consisting of millions of ants. They will give humans a nasty bite, and are a threat to agriculture and the environment. In the case of ants, pest control is crucial to avoid contamination to food and water supplies, damage to properties, and increased maintenance bills.


First signs of ants

If you've spotted ants coming indoors you should try DIY remedies before the situation escalates. Take a look outside for an indication of where they could be coming from. You're likely to see small heaps of earth piled up around holes in the soil as well as located at the base of exterior walls. Once you've done this


  • Seal off their point of entry
  • Clean work surfaces so they are free from any stick residues which will attract ants
  • Be sure to cover over any food which could attract ants


Spray ants with a store bought ant spray and repeat if and when necessary. If you have a larger problem that is beyond the scope of DIY, then don't hesitate to speak to the experts at Dirty Deeds Pest Management.


Long lasting ants pest control

Professional ant control offers the best long term solution to eradicating ants and is safe and effective. Our technicians are highly trained and licensed to carry out ant control using environmentally products which are safe for humans and pets. Most ants die immediately and continue to do so for a few weeks after treatment.


Thorough Assessment

In order to provide the most effective ants pest control we take steps to uncover all areas of ant activity and identify the ant species. Our highly trained technicians will carry out a thorough internal and external inspection of your home or business premises, including the roof space, sub floors, garden etc. We use proven techniques for speedy and safe management of ant colonies which includes spraying rooms with a barrier treatment and treating outside walls and flower beds. All of which will prevent the ants returning.


If you reside in an area heavily populated with ants, then why not enquire about having your property treated on a yearly basis? We'll also give you some easy tips to help maintain long term control. For affordable, environmentally friendly, effective ant control Perth, give Dirty Deeds Pest Management a call today on 0400 211 161or contact us online.